Üdvözöljük Budapesten!

So you’re looking to visit Budapest! (And to be clear, it’s pronounced boo-da-pesht.) Or maybe it’s just on your to-do list for a not-so-immediate time. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.



Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a vibrant, bustling beacon of culture and history. The streets are alive with vendors selling piping hot lángos, topped with fresh sour cream and cheese, and musicians serenading passerby’s with traditional Hungarian melodies – all surrounded by elaborate architecture ranging from Baroque to neo-modern designs. The possibilities are endless in the wonderfully rustic city of Budapest. In addition to the widespread notoriety of the abundant natural thermal springs throughout the region, the city is also known for its lively night-life and grand views of the world-reknowned Danube River, which separates the western part of the city, called Buda, from the eastern part, called Pest. Whether you’d prefer to take a peaceful stroll along the Promenade, go on an extensive sightseeing tour, or partake in rambunctious, palinka-fueled trolly rides, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

While there are far too many places/activities to list, I have highlighted five of Budapest’s most prominent points of interest from which to build your upcoming trip itinerary around:

  • The city’s most popular thermal spas
  • The Széchenyi Bridge
  • The Hungarian Parliament Building
  • The Danube Promenade
  • Vörösmarty Square

On the following website tabs, I’ve gone a little further into detail about each of the locations listed above so as to give you a better idea of what each one has to offer.

Now without further ado, we’ll take a closer look at Hungary’s shining capital city.