Gellért Baths

The largest central pool at the Gellért Baths

The Gellért Baths, which opened in 1918, hosted the establishment of the International Balneological Association in 1937, marking Budapest’s prominence as a superior center for thermal healing practices. As time went on, new additions to the baths have contributed to its modern-day visage of grandeur. The spa offers 13 bath units, weight baths, medical massage services, dry and steam saunas, and mud packing treatments. There is also a hotel onsite for those wishing to retire to a nearby room after their spa experience. Tickets can be purchased in person up until an hour before closing, and pools can also be reserved for private social events after hours. The Gellért Baths are open all week, but their wellness/massage services are only available during the weekdays, so keep this in mind if you’re interested in the latter.

Available baths:

  • Two indoor tubs (larger with 27°C, smaller with 36°C water)
  • Three outdoor pools with mild temperatures for leisure purposes
  • Eight thermal bath departments with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 40°C.
An colorful ornate indoor pool at Gellért Baths

A beautifully ornate Gellért Baths indoor thermal pool