Thermal Baths

Budapest, due to its abundant access to natural thermal water, has been coined “the City of Spas.” These hot springs are rich in beneficials minerals to boost well-being and serve as a therapeutic aid for stress, chronic arthritis, calcium deficiency and many other bodily afflictions.

There are nine “healing springs” within the city, as well as plenty of smaller local hot springs. The three most popular are the Széchenyi, Rudas, and Gellért Baths.

  • The Széchenyi Baths, located in the City Park, is the biggest and most visited of the three as it is more commonly known to tourists. Come weekend nights, the spa takes on an entirely different atmosphere for a more festive social experience.
  • The Rudas Baths originally dates back to the 16th century during the Ottoman rule, hence offering a more traditional Turkish bathhouse design and ambience. A magical, more secretive addition sits atop the building, giving way to a view to behold.
  • The Gellért Baths is the newest spa, featuring vaulted skylight paneling, beautifully sculpted columns and an overall art nouveau theme for an experience that is both lavish and picturesque.